Your Volunteers.
Your way.

The management of volunteers should be easy. INVOLVE is a flexible and fully featured app, centred around your volunteers. Volunteer management is about to get a whole lot easier.

A smarter way is coming soon.

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Changing lives, together.

The nature of volunteering has changed and the demand for digital solutions for volunteer management is here. INVOLVE has been built to provide a better user experience and more complete management solution, customised to suit your needs.


Designed to be intuitive and simple for users of any level of IT skill.

Seamless management

Bring your established policies and procedures online with flexible management tools.

Maximising your volunteers

Easily dive back into your existing pool of volunteers and find those that suit the next role.

Rethinking Recruitment

Tap in to pools of potential volunteers from outside your organisation waiting to lend their hand.

Involve everyone.

Build a team

Create a team of volunteer managers and program coordinators with different access so they can work collaboratively without losing focus.

Make it work for you

Make INVOLVE your own with checklist templates, customisable statuses and tags.

Keep in control

Set up your organisation the way you need with organisational, volunteer and security settings.

Measure your impact

See hours contributed, generate reports and collect statistics for future funding grants.

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